Nexa Salutes the wonder women who break stereotypes

Nexa Salutes the wonder women who break stereotypes

From “Women can’t handle money” to “Women can’t drive”, the old stereotypes are being washed away. We have smashed the clichés, broke free and shook up things pretty good. What is often unvoiced is the right to freedom of expression, the difference of pay between men and much more. Choosing what is right for us is just more fun, free and comfortable. Women have proudly defined their priorities first and society later.

Be it male friends, husbands, or even parking attendants and random dudes on the street, female drivers have long been at the receiving end of just so much judgement.

Pakka ladki chala rahi hai gaddi

How many of you have faced this ultra-sexist comment?

Just because you came across one or two women in an entire jam of cars that annoyed you, stop assuming that women are bad drivers. Stop commenting on how women are unfit to drive, remember that you did not make it out of your mother’s womb with car keys dangling from your fingers.

Do you know?

When number of traffic accident fatalities were compared, it was discovered that the number of male lives lost behind the wheel was more than twice the number of female lives lost similarly according to CBS news (

The fact that women are now behind the wheels even in the public transport sector makes a very reasonable point about how unclear the principles of driving are for women. What needs to change is your very ‘objective’ idea of the same, which seems difficult even after so many women made their foray into the racing circuit. So watch out, men of the world. We shall have no more of that sexism-on-the-roads. And I believe we’ve got the numbers on our side as well.

Roshni Lelinwalla , Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Mithali Raaj, Nirmala Sitharaman to name a few have proudly chosen to pursue the unconventional path shunning away the century-old prejudices and have established themselves as strong women who made the nation proud.

They chose to be different. Their unbreakable spirit and shatterproof will is something the world is in awe of.  Because to be courageous is to follow your dreams and be who you are, no matter what. To the women who inspire, who add a special something to our lives, who brighten the day with a smile, and above all, choose to be themselves and stride forward in life, Happy International Women’s Day.

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